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I’ve had quite a few celebrity encounters since I came to the city, but the best ones are courtesy of my internship. A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Cloris Leachman, and I attended a luncheon with Kellan Lutz (Emmett, “Twilight”).

Cloris Leachman was performing in the National Dance Institute’s “Imagine: A Celebration of John Lennon.” All year, 35,000 New York City public school children learned about John Lennon and did their own Lennon performances in their schools. About 200 of the top NDI dancers from those schools put on a John Lennon performance at the institute’s Event of the Year, which is what Cloris performed in. Jacques d’Amboise, the famous American ballet dancer, founded the NDI to bring the arts to children. The performance was essentially an hour and half of children dancing to Beatles and John Lennon music. It was probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time. Cloris Leachman performed in the number “A Cloris Line,” where she tapped danced and sang “When I’m 64.” Actually, she changed the words to “When I’m 104.” Her son George Englund, Jr. played the saxophone.

My job was to sit front and center, enjoy the performance and interview Cloris after the show. She is exactly how you would expect her to be. She speaks her mind, laughs a lot and has a very short attention span. I was lucky enough to hear her drop one f-bomb and hear her speak rather lecherously about Robert Pattinson (in a strange Count Dracula voice even).

Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachman

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, I got to meet his on-screen brother in the offices. The magazine had a luncheon with Kellan Lutz, and the interns accidentally stumbled into it after thinking we were going to a different luncheon with the editor-in-chief of Men’s Journal. Clearly, we stayed at the Kellan Lutz luncheon because everyone in the office is obsessed with “Twilight” (I am not obsessed, but I pretend to be because I like to participate). There was a Q&A during the luncheon where he talked about his career, how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not dating, and how he doesn’t want to date an actress (which gave hope to every woman in that conference room). Kellan (we’re on a first-name basis of course) stuck around to take individual pictures with everyone who wanted one. I would post it here, but after seeing the picture, I realized that I am not meant to stand next to the beautiful people.

This man exists in real life.

This man exists in real life.

As Emmett

As Emmett

Did I mention that this is my future husband?


P.S. I forgot to mention Elvis Costello

I can’t believe I forgot to mention it! Elvis Costello showed up at the Unwigged & Unplugged concert to perform the Spinal Tap song “Gimme Some Money.”

And I definitely went to the UCB again tonight. Scott Adsit performed again, this time with a larger group of people, including the guy I have a comedy crush on and this women:


Tami Sagher


Her name is Tami Sagher, and she is a writer for “30 Rock.” She also plays the wardrobe lady who guesses that Katherine Heigl’s character is pregnant in “Knocked Up.”

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