Celebrity sighting: Jim Gaffigan


Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan

On Sunday night we walked by the restaurant we ate at when we spotted Michael Ian Black. Approximately 60 seconds later on that very same street, we saw Jim Gaffigan.

Christine: “That’s Jim Gaffigan.”

Me: “Oh my God. Can we talk to him?”

Christine: “No.”

Me: (to Jim Gaffigan) “Hi!”

Jim Gaffigan: “Hi.”

New Yorkers generally do not bother celebrities when they see them on the streets, but I’m not a New Yorker. When I recognize a celebrity, I want recognition back, even if it’s just eye contact. It makes my one-sided relationship with that celebrity a little less lonely. And hello! It’s Jim Gaffigan! It took everything I had not to yell “Hot Pockeeet!” and tell him that I watch “My Boys” just because of him. If anything, I showed great restraint. Give me a gold star for not embarrassing myself.


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